$80,000 Per Year to Hourly Salary
80,000 dollars a year is how much an hour?
Salary Chart
If you work 40 hours per week and 50 weeks per year, you will make an hourly salary of $40.00 if you make 80,000 per year.

Calculate an hourly salary if you make 80k per year. Calculate between an hourly salary and a yearly salary. How much do I make a year? Per hour? Per week. Earnings per month? The calculator is pre-filled at 80,000/year. Change the inputs to update the results. If you take more vacations or work more hours per week, just change the calculator to reflect that.
Below is a chart for people who work full time based on 48, 50, or 52 weeks per year. For reference, there are 168 hours/week and 8736 hours/year. A person who works full time for 50 weeks/year and 40 hours/week will work a total of 2000 hours. So, if you work 2,000 hours per year and make $80,000 annually, you will make $40.00 per hour.
Based on $80,000 yearly salary 48 Weeks/Year 50 Weeks/Year 52 Weeks/Year
10 hours per week$166.67$160.00$153.85
20 hours per week$83.33$80.00$76.92
30 hours per week$55.56$53.33$51.28
40 hours per week$41.67$40.00$38.46
50 hours per week$33.33$32.00$30.77
60 hours per week$27.78$26.67$25.64
70 hours per week$23.81$22.86$21.98
80 hours per week$20.83$20.00$19.23
90 hours per week$18.52$17.78$17.09
100 hours per week$16.67$16.00$15.38